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  • Generic compressors seem to provide enough pressure/flowrate, however specific tests are still ongoing.

This is work in progress. Please contribute in the comments. All valuable inputs will help us define the best solution.


  1. I’m working with a small, cheap compressor from Harbor Freight, that was only about $40 in USA. Have a large compressor too, but its too cumbersome. Cheap one is barely adequate and very noisy. If I am successful in making the oxygen concentrator prototype, I would want to use a better compressor. I’ve seen many Utube videos about converting refrigerator freon compressors. They are potentially cheap or free, powerful and very quiet. They of course need oil to run, and you must legally have the freon drained from the fridge rather than just venting it. Has anyone in this project used such a compressor?

  2. Hi Richard,
    we have not tried with refrigerator compressors, but thanks for the input! So far we have been experimenting only with “standard” commercial compressors.
    WFS, thanks for the link! Can you get it for 200 USD? I see a higher price (still not too high).
    We haven’t tried with aquarium compressors either.. but I don’t think they go anywhere close to 6 bar.. right?
    Feel free to continue this discussion in our forum!
    Thank you!!

  3. I’ll second the fridge compressor.
    Cheap, silent, reliable.
    I’m currently playing with an old water cooler one.

  4. As mentioned, fridge compressors are normally bathed in oil mixture, & would seize without it. You have to be very careful not to get oil in your zeolite, and worse still, at the output (where oxygen & oil form an explosive mixture!!)

    • Hola Gustavo,

      estamos en contacto con un grupo en Peru pero ya no encontramos un distruibudor. Te mantendremos en contacto si algo surge.

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