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To identify an easy-to-access source of Zeolite and show the performance of various zeolites in the purification of oxygen.

Sourcing (companies):

Sourcing (other):

  • Fertilizers: ZEO,
  • Cat litter
  • Fish pond filters
  • Insulating glass manufacturing


  • Zeolite type
  • Quantity?

Valid options

  • LiX (high working capacity for T > 92°C)
  • 13X-HP
  • Mordenite (?)

Not feasible / Not ideal

  • Na-X (high pressure dependance)
  • Clinoptilolite (lower N2 working capacity)
  • Natural zeolite (e.g. Chabazite), low performance


This is work in progress. Please contribute in the comments. All valuable inputs will help us define the best solution.


  1. Hi my mane is Theodros I’m from Ethiopia (Africa). I really appreciate what you are trying to do here! Here in Ethiopia we haven’t got much cases of COVID-19 now but will be hit hard soon and the biggest problem is going to be supply of oxygen, you’re projects can save thousands of lives!
    I am just a volunteer, I am an engineer normally work on heavy machinery maintenance and repair, I have a workshop and I am good with computer and PLC, In short, I can do this in my workshop or even in a bigger scale. I will be investing my own money too. But I need your guidance. Before I even knew your site yesterday I contacted my good friend in Frankfurt to buy me small about of Zeolite x13 from GIEBEL FilTec or http://www.zeo-tech.de/ so I could do some experiment , but now with your guidance I don’t need to go on experimenting I want to go to production directly . but I have many questions . For instance , can use Zeolite used for water purification? Can I used Zeolite x13 if I can’ t fined or sanitize Zeolite LiX ?where do you recommend I get Zeolite x13 or Lix ? If I wanted to build a bigger scale how would the parameters changing? Will you be willing to work out a design with me ?
    thank you so much for your help ,with over 100 million populations we have a very limited supply of oxygen at a normal times, again you could be saving thousands of lives !

    • Dear Theodros,

      Thank you for your positive feedback, it was our goal that engineers all over the world can work on it in a collaborative way!

      We are working on a complete document characterizing different Zeolites for oxygen concentration from different sources. It will be available soon. So far I can tell you that using 13X is already yielding good performance in our test setup. So if you do not have access to LiX at the moment, do not hesitate to use 13X.

      For larger scale application of our setup, using multiple small columns in parallel allow you to upscale the production. This allows you to keep the same parameters. We are working on a prototype which shows such an idea, I hope we can get it done soon! Video and instructions will follow. For later stage of this project, we might also try a larger setup.

      This forum can be used to discuss further specific problems, feel free to contribute and let us know more of what your experience is: http://oxygenator.geprojects.tech/phpbb/
      Especially availability of zeolites is very interesting for us to understand the need of transforming 13X to LiX.

      Have a nice day and stay safe!

      • hi, Kochju, i am still wondering whether this forum is real true as for the present situation In india what we are facing is just looot / day light robbery. an Oxygen cylinder (12 Kgs) costing 4USD is selling at 5 to 7 times the price.

        If you can help, of course, i guess you would, please can you tell us what all has to be assembled to make a oxygen concentration to be used at home.

        we would like to make a domestic system which every household can purchase at the cost price.

        Please contact through mail at rolltechin@gmail.com

        REally appreciate your efforts to save human souls but it looks like the populations of the entire planet is going to go down at least a 0.2 to 0.5 or may be 1-2% due to this pandemic.

        • Hi Ravi,

          the most crucial part for DIY oxygen concentration is the zeolite material. I do not have any contacts in India but I saw you already contacted Sujit, he seems to have gotten hands on some Zeolite!

  2. Hi, I was wondering what the BOM price is for the whole project? Do you have an estimate on the total parts price for this project?

  3. Hi,

    I wondered what the difference was between Zeolite-LiX and Zeolite-x13 in terms of efficiency, cost and availability. Can you help me with this measure?

    I saw that you posted that the price of zeolite is $ 7 per unit, what is the weight of each unit?

    Thanks, Eliran

    • Hi Eliran!

      In a test setup where we compared different zeolites (results will be publishes soon), we managed to get 10-15% higher oxygen concentration from LiX compared to 13X. For costs, we got 13X at about 7$ per kg and LiX for around 40$ per kg. To put into perspective, our newest setup (Ox01c) uses about 250g of LiX for one column.

      From what we saw so far, 13X is more available than LiX and can definitely be used as such if LiX or ion exchange is out of reach.

      Hope that helps! Check out our very new forum and don’t hesitate to start or join a discussion: http://oxygenator.geprojects.tech/phpbb/


  4. I have been using x13 bought on ebay, but with no known properties. Results were not encouraging. I am trying to convert it to lithium enriched form. Found several scholarly papers on lithium sorption on zeolite and other minerals. Now trying to convert it with lithium chloride monohydrate one molar solution soaking beads for a day or two, and then drying them out. Has anyone tried this approach? Lots of x13 zeolites advertised on web sites, but don’t know which ones work or not. Thanks for your efforts. I hope to collaborate with several ideas I have tried already.

  5. Hello,
    I am using 13X zeolite around 1Kg in single column. the max O2 conc. is 23%. i made L0i-X but not working.
    Can you please tell the valve timing so that it can higher O2 and flow rates of air.

    • Hi Premanath,

      What is your input pressure? Do you use a compressor? We are using a standard cycle of 4s pressurize and 4s depressurize, which should be a good starting point. But this all depends on what kind of pressure you are working with.

      • i am using 2bar pressure in column. i am using compressor. using 1.4kg of 13X zeolite of 3mm size. i am not able to achieve the higher concentration.

        • Hey, can anyone from India tell where can I get cheap Molecular Sieves 13X because online it is expensive like 3500 INR for 1KG.

          • Hi Neal, I am from India too, I need to know, from where you have bought this X13 zeolite and is LiX available anywhere in India ?

          • Has anyone from India able to find a source which can deliver zeolite ?

    • Estimado Juan Carlos,

      si tienes mas informaciones sobre el zeolita, puedes enviarme a kochju@ethz.ch. Nosotros tambien hemos comprobado differentes zeolitas, son muy distinctos uno al otro. Es dificil de saber sin probar.

  6. Hi Julian,
    Does the molecular seive beads size matter?
    I just contacted someone to buy molecular seive, they asked me about what beads size do I want?
    They seem have different beads size in range of like:
    0.5~0.8mm , 1.6-2.5mm , 3.0-5.0mm

    Which one should I have to buy for this project? or any one would work just fine

    • I assume the smaller beads size will be better, based on the fact that powdered zeolite adsorbs nitrogen much better than beads.

      Anyways, I really never got the zeolite, even after trying for 2 weeks, everyone is selling here in very large quantities, the cost will be too high for me to afford

      I really had great ideas for this project such as auto calibration mode etc.
      If someone in future, gets to know a place where they sell 13x zeolite at cheaper and lesser quantity in India, please let me know, I really want to work on this project.

      Here is my contact email: fawazahmed0@hotmail.com

      Fawaz Ahmed

    • The smaller the beads the more surface, therefore higher attainable performance. However your pressure supply will have to overcome higher pressure drop. We are working with 0.4-0.8mm bead size and it seems to work ok even with a commercial compressor unit.

  7. Hi ,
    We tried the setup described here. Initially with 13X 4-8mesh beads. The performance was poor at 33-35%. We used a compressor which was providing max pressure of 3 bar.

    We then changed to Li-based sieve Nitroxy 51 from arkema-americas. https://www.arkema-americas.com/en/products/product-portal/product-viewer/Nitroxy-51/ at the same pressure we are able to get 42%. Although the company says the sieve can provide 90+% oxygen and this zeolite is especially used for oxy concentrator but still we could not achieve. I am not sure if pressure is the issue.

    We then got a used oxy concentrator and ripped apart to see its functioning (which is using similar method with 10s cycle). We used the same compressor+zeolite canister with Nitroxy 51 and 13X, but still no success towards 80 or 90%.

    Any pointers will help.


  8. Just one cilinder of zeolite will do as good or better than two.
    Fill the cilinder to 82% from the top so the oxygen above the zeolite will push the nitrogen out out at the end of the cycle. (On top of zeolite a cover with 3mm holes and a weight instead of a spring)
    On top of the cilinder a membrane to the buffertank.
    Pulsate on 3.5bar.
    Good luck.

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