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Our systems

General schematics

Units and function

  • Desiccant: remove humidity form air
  • Separation system: one or two column systems
  • Storage vessel: to allow for continuous outflow
  • Humidifier: re-humidification of air
  • Fiter: remove dust

Commercial devices

This is work in progress. Please contribute in the comments. All valuable inputs will help us define the best solution.


  1. Hi,
    Is the forum working? I have posted a new topic there but it doesn’t seem to be visible to me.

    • Hi Ahmed,

      we had some technical issues with the website and the forum, sorry for the delay. Now everything is back online, thanks for sharing!

      • Hi Julian,

        Is the forum working fine? I posted a question few days back(2-3 days), but it doesn’t seem to be visible to me.
        I am not expecting any reply on my posted question, just thought of asking, as I am assuming it might be a technical issue again.

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