Solenoid Valves

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Solenoid Valves

Post by CrystalWaters »

Hi Guys,

Im busy working on a concentrator and the components needed. Im having difficulty with sourcing the correct valves for a double cylinder concentrator.

Please could you assist:

Assuming each cylinder holds 1kg of Zeolite

1) How many valves are needed for a double cylinder unit?

2) What type of valve will work -

Direct operated (operating from 0 bar)?
Semi-direct operated (operating from 0 bar)?
Indirect operated (pressure differential required, normally at least 0.5 bar)?

3) Circuit function -

2/2 way?
3/2 way?

4) Whats the ideal pipe/tube diameter ?

5) Orifice, Kev Value and Flow Rate?

6) Pressure of the system

7) Response Time

8) Voltage & Coil

These were some of the questions that I was asked from suppliers. I had no idea how to answer them.

If theres a link to valves already in use that would help in extrapolating the data needed as well.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Solenoid Valves

Post by kochju »

1) You can check our prototypes on the Prototype blog: ... type-blog/. It is possible to run a 2 column setup with 2 solenoid valves + 3 needle valves.
2) As the pressures required are not that high (3-4 bars), the valves do not have to fulfill very specific needs. We are only working with direct operated valves. I am no expert in valves but I think indirect operated valves are ment for higher flowrates than the ones we have in our setup.
3) You can build a setup with both types, but with 3/2 you have to use less parts overall. Here is an explanation of the difference:
4) We are using standard 6-8 mm diameter tubing, too small of a diameter will induce high pressure drop. Difficult to say whats optimal but just use industrial standard
5) What is the question?
6) We have everything written in our prototype blog, 2-4 bar
7) What is the response time?
8) We work both in 12 and 24 V systems

Here are some valves: ... E5JFAPS03Z ... lsrc=aw.ds

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Re: Solenoid Valves

Post by CrystalWaters »

Thanks Julian. Much appreciated

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